Do you enjoy sewing and creating all kinds of clothing for yourself, your friends, or your family? Some are interested in knitting a blanket while others like the more difficult task of creating actual clothes. If you are interested in the clothing that comes from the past and you would like to find patterns for such clothing, it is important for you to understand all that is out there. You have to have a clear idea of the kinds of clothing that came from each era and you have to know where to find the kinds of patterns that will help you create great things. There are historical sewing patterns available from all eras, and those patterns can help you create unique pieces.

The Elizabethan Era

The clothing that was fashionable in the Elizabethan era was clothing that was elaborate, artificial, and special. The clothing in that time period was clothing that stood out and helped individuals to express themselves. The patterns from the Elizabethan era allow individuals to create elaborate dresses and outfits for women, men, and children.

The Colonial Era

The clothing that was popular during the Colonial era was clothing that was simple in design. This clothing allowed individuals to get work done while they were dressed in it. The patterns that are based on the clothing of that era are simple in their design and yet beautiful, too.

The Regency Era

The clothing that was fashionable during the Regency era was clothing that was bold and fun. The clothing that was made during this time was colorful in design and it featured prints that caught attention. The patterns that are available that point to this era are patterns that allow a person to create interesting clothing items.

The Romantic Era

The type of clothing that individuals wore during the Romantic era was clothing that was frilly, lacy, and beautiful. The clothing made during this period was soft and feminine. The patterns that come from this era help you create clothing that is special and luxurious, pieces that allow you to feel as if you are transported back to another time and about to attend a dance.

The Early Victorian Era

Dresses that were stiffened to appear big and beautiful and clothing that was made in a prim and proper way was popular during the Early Victorian era. This era was a time when people were very concerned about their looks, and the patterns from this time period show that.

The Late Victorian Era

Later in the Victorian era, new clothing came out that was created in a more modern way. Synthetic dyes came about, allowing for new material to be used. The patterns from this area help you create frilly and beautiful dresses that will help you feel like someone from the past.

The Edwardian Era

The kind of clothing that came out in the Edwardian era included dresses with high collars that covered much of the neck, and other pieces that featured much lace. The outfits were both proper and fun, and they were made of materials that are luxurious. The patterns from this period create clothing items that are much different from what individuals are used to today.

The 1920’s to 1930’s

Fashion changed in the 1900’s, and new styles came out for both men and women. Dresses during this time tended to fall in a straight line, with either a scoop neck or a v-shaped neck. The patterns from this time create clothing that is a bit more contemporary but still much different from the kind of clothing that is worn today.
There are many patterns that you can use if you are looking to create fashions that seem to be something that comes from the past. There is much to be learned through the studying of fashions from the various past eras. If you are interested in clothing and the patterns that were once used to create various pieces, then you should look into the historical sewing patterns that are out there and study all that they offer.