Before you take up a new hobby of any kind, you need to take a bit of time to understand what you are getting into and what is involved with the craft.  In this case, it is important to know the answer to the question – what’s the difference between knitting and crocheting – before taking up either of those crafts. There are many differences between knitting and crocheting, even though the two are often confused for each other. The result of the two crafts is somewhat similar, and yet, they are very different processes. Before you can decide if you would like to learn to knit, or rather, learn how to crochet, you should know and understand the differences between the two.

The First Difference

One of the first differences that can be seen between knitting and crocheting is in the tools that are used for either craft. For knitting, you will use a set of needles and you will work with both of those as you work on your project. For crocheting, you simply have one hook that you will use in order to create your project. While knitting, you will use the two needles to work with a live row of stitches and to grow the creation off of those. Crocheting works with a single live stitch and you will expand your creation from that. There are knitting needles in many sizes, and there are various sizes of crochet hooks out there, as well. The different sized needles and hooks will affect the way that the project looks in the end and will also affect the speed at which the project is completed.

The resulting fabric that is created through either knitting or crocheting is going to be different than the fabric that is created through the other. You can take a certain type of yarn and set to work with knitting needles which will give you one result.  You can then take the same yarn and set to work with crochet hooks and the resulting work will be very different still. The fabric that is created through crocheting is going to be stronger and thicker than the fabric that is created through knitting. When you take up either craft, you will have to decide what kind of fabric you would like to end up with so that you can decide which of the two you would like to learn.

There is a different quantity of yarn needed for crocheting versus knitting. If you are looking to conserve yarn and would like to make more items with the yarn than you have available, then you may want to choose knitting as your craft. Crocheting can take up to thirty percent more yarn than knitting for the same type of project. Because the work that is completed is different depending on the way that the work is done, the amount of fabric needed will be different.

The Second Difference

One of the biggest differences between knitting and crocheting is the amount of time that it takes to do each. If you are in a rush, you may want to go with the craft that allows you to get a project completed in less time. Crochet work takes a lot less time than knitting does. You can crochet a blanket in just a few hours, while it will take you weeks to knit a blanket. If you would like to complete a whole project in an evening or over the course of a weekend, you may choose to take up crocheting rather than knitting. It will take you a lot less time to complete the same kind of project when crocheting than it will when knitting.

There are many reasons why it is a great idea to take up either knitting or crocheting, and you will need to figure out which one fits your needs and lifestyle. You may even choose to learn both, which is a great idea as they are very similar and yet you can achieve very different results. You will be happy that you chose to learn one, or both, of these wonderful crafts!